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Jose Manuel Cifuentes Cortegaza, traducción especializada EN>ES y DE>ES


My name is José Manuel and I’m an engineer and freelance translator.
And from 2016, I’m a certified European Financial Advisor.


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Why do more and more customers are happy with Cifuentes Cotegaza?

My academic training and professional experience as a chemical engineer, certified financial advisor and English, German and Spanish translator ensure the quality of my work as a professional translator of scientific, technical and financial texts.

I’ve translated over 5 million words for start-ups, small businesses and large companies that are well-established in their respective fields, both through language service companies and as direct clients.

Thanks to a huge investment of time, money and effort I have everything I need to provide excellent service. I have the tools necessary to work with a variety of file formats and translation memories, do research on reliable sources, consult experts with experience in their respective fields, extract and store the terminology my clients use and deliver documents that have been properly laid out.

Thus, I’m proud to have an extensive portfolio of clients that have continued to turn to my services since we first began working together.



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What guarantees does Cifuentes Cortegaza offer?

Every translation project and client is unique. All projects should be worked on by professionals with the appropriate language combination and linguistic knowledge about the field being translated. Knowing if you are able to take part in a project or manage it efficiently, as well as knowing what rates to apply so that the results meet the client’s expectations is essential. Thanks to my experience and contacts with associations and individuals working in the field I am able to offer personalised quotes, adapted to the current market.

I would be happy to offer you a customised solution as a translator and project manager with the utmost precision, confidentiality, punctuality and availability. I would also be happy to begin a long term business relationship and advise you on linguistic matters about any of my fields of expertise. I invite you to learn more about my service guarantee by contacting me. I may be the linguist you’re looking for for the present and future.


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Are you a part of the entrepreneurial ecosystem, looking to internationalise your company?

Since becoming a freelance translator, I’ve shared space, ideas, questions and excitement with entrepreneurs in the areas of high technology and the Internet. Throughout this time I’ve been part of a variety of projects, start-ups that are now established companies and I have had the opportunity to get to know their founders, institutional and individual investors, or Business Angels, as well as mentors and advisers who have a good reputation in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Thanks to this experience and my financial background, I’m part of a investment analysis committee in a venture capital fund that invests in high technology and innovation and I manage my own investment vehicle. Also, I’m in touch and work directly with investors of companies and start-ups that have received injections of capital from said fund, and so I have first-hand know-how from these companies including their internationalisation needs.

If you need translation and copywriting services, be it to present your documentation to foreign institutions, stay in touch with customers or promote your company, and would like more information about the special conditions I offer to assist you in your commitment to the future, don’t hesitate to get in touch through the Contact form with no obligation.


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