Opinions from customers satisfied with my services


Adrián Ramírez



“He’s a truly efficient and professional translator, I’m very happy with the work and attention received.”

jeremy melton

Jeremy Melton

Project Manager

InterWorld Translations

“José has always provided timely and high quality translations. We have been extremely pleased with his service and look forward to continued collaboration.”

javier delgado

Javier Delgado Ceballos

Contracted Lecturer (PhD)

Department of Business Organisation, University of Granada

“My experience with José Manuel in his translations of scientific articles was very positive for several reasons. First, his work improves the article in translation, adding fluidity and coherence to the text, and he is also rigorous with terminology. Second, his delivery usually includes interesting questions and comments (you can tell that he reads what he translates). These questions and comments improve the quality of the article. Finally, he is someone who meets deadlines and is always committed to his work. In my case, using José’s services increased my chances of success in having the work published. R&Rs have never indicated that the issue was the article’s English.”

Jose de la torre

José Manuel de la Torre Ruiz

Contracted Lecturer (PhD)

ISDE Research Group, Department of Business Organisation, University of Granada

“Both my team and I have entrusted José Manuel with editing several papers and our experience could not have been better. Editors that subsequently evaluated these pieces emphasised the clarity of expression and absence of grammatical errors, something that did not occur when we worked with other style editors. The opportunity to be able to express yourself in your own language with a style editor is also a positive aspect, as he provides feedback and offers up potential ambiguities and misunderstandings. Finally, I’d like to emphasise his punctuality in his editing work. This is something we especially value when our turnaround times are quick. Given the above, I would undoubtedly recommend José Manuel’s work; we certainly will continue putting our trust in him.”

maria gavalda

Maria Gavaldà Espelta

Project Manager

Hermes Traducciones y Servicios Lingüísticos

“José Manuel is a professional and meticulous translator, with great attention to detail. He always delivers excellent work on time. The majority of the projects we’ve worked with him on have been technical and specialized, and the quality he offered in all projects was very high. He is also always cordial, flexible and willing to help. As a result, I fully trust that the projects he works on will have great results.”

teo alonso

Teo Alonso

Production Manager


“We have been working with José Manuel for several years and have never had a problem with his translation projects; he hands in excellent quality by the deadline or early. Furthermore, he makes translation decisions conscientiously and explains what he translates and why he translates it that way, providing valuable information with his work.”

eduardo ortiz de lanzagorta

Eduardo Ortiz de Lanzagorta


Civeta Investment

“At Civeta Investment we frequently need documents translated into English given the international nature our business has slowly taken on over time. We’ve learned an important lesson: it is not only important to have a translator, but to have a good translator. Misunderstandings in any phrase can be decisive. That’s why José Manuel’s meticulous translations have become key for us. Last but certainly not least, José is punctual, always accurate and well-trained in different fields, which allows him to translate not just words, but ideas. We will continue working with José Manuel for years to come.”

eduardo sanz

Eduardo Sanz de Lucas

Head of Manufacturing Engineering FSE

General Dynamics European Land Systems (GDELS)

“We began working with José Manuel when our translator took maternity leave and he adapted to our internal operations and processes immediately without prior training, which facilitated the replacement. After several months working together, I can attest that he is exceptional and both his technical and linguistic training provided a great advantage for the Engineering Department. He has done translations into Spanish and English indiscriminately and has always delivered all documents in the same format as their source with excellent quality and on time. That’s why I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending him to other engineering firms requiring technical translations.”

Carlos ortiz

Carlos Ortiz

Regional Manager Spain & Portugal

Ryanair Holdings plc

“We met José Manuel years ago, when he applied for a job managing one of our translation projects into English. Ryanair decided to hire him because of the references he provided, the seriousness of his communications, and the quote and deadline he offered. The results were absolutely satisfactory: he delivered a very extensive document on the agreed upon deadline, with correct and fluid use of English, appropriate terminology, and laid-out in the source format, which was particularly important in this project. Since then he’s been in our supplier database and we will continue working with him whenever we need his services.”

lola vidal

Lola Vidal Salazar

Contracted Lecturer (PhD)

Department of Business Organisation, University of Granada

“I’d like to discuss our experience with José Manuel as a translator. We are a research group at the Universidad de Granada that frequently requests his translation services. The services we’ve received have been impeccable in quality and in compliance with deadlines. We have always requested quick translations from him because our editors are always pressed for time, and in the years we’ve been working with him he has never missed a deadline he’s agreed to. It is a pleasure to work with a professional who is so responsible and efficient.”

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